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Debbie has a BA in American Studies (BAHon.) from the University of Hull, England, Postgraduate Degree in Primary Education (PGCE) from the University of Leicester and Master's in Missionary Leadership (MA) from the University of Wales, with a thesis on the subject of Developing a Master's Degree in Strategic Leadership.

Experience as a primary school teacher in several state schools in England, and 21 years of experience raising social projects in Bolivia, mainly focused on being a founder and National Director of the El Alfarero Civil Association in Sucre and Santa Cruz.

Currently working as International Training Director for the El Alfarero Civil Association, and Director of the El Aprendiz Professional Master’s programme.

Debbie Frith


International Director of Training at El Alfarero




Deepening Your Intimacy with the Lord, Working from a Place of Rest, The Role and Value of a Mentor, Character and Identity of a Leader, Relational Leadership, Transformational Teaching, Vision and Project Development, Intensive Prayer, Taking Advantage of Your Differences , Mission In Practice

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